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At Wax Me Baby,we believe that taking time out for yourself is a necessity and not a luxury. We offer full body affordable waxing for both men and women, with packages starting at $135. All treatments are performed by our skillful, highly trained staff with love and care.Every day thousands of office workers from local businesses are looking for express lunch hour services, With that in mind we offer flexible scheduling options that are convenient & affordable. There are only a handful of spas in the area that specialize in waxing men, despite its clear popularity. 


Our trained staff offers a superior approach to waxing men, and our company is one the first in the area to offer it.We believe that everyone deserves the beauty of smooth skin. Wax Me Baby is owned and operated by an experienced and licensed professional that has been waxing for years. Her knowledge and expertise will make the experience as pain-free as possible. Your goods will be in good hands.Cleanliness, sanitation, and your comfort are our top priorities. The bed and tools are sanitized between every client.There will never be any double-dipping and gloves are worn for every service performed. 

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